Email Parsing for Developers

SigParser's email parsing API and integrations are how every developer should be parsing raw email content and email signatures. We make it easy to try out our stateless and secure API endpoints with any email content.
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Learn How Developers Use SigParser

Watch this video to learn how developers are using SigParser to parse emails, emails signatures, and calendars for integration with their applications.

Multiple Options for Developers

SigParser has multiple solutions for developers looking to securely parse contents out of emails, email signatures, and calendars. Click on each option below to learn more.

Parse Email Bodies

Get the most recent message from an email body for sentiment analysis or displaying the cleaned message in a CRM or other system.
  • Get latest message in email (remove signatures and replies)
  • On-premise installation
  • Cross platform (Windows or Linux)
  • Usage based pricing or simple unlimited pricing

Parse Contacts

Get deduplicated contact and account record details found in email headers, bodies, signatures, and more to be exported to a CRM or other system.
  • REST APIs for accessing contacts
  • Webhooks
  • Zapier and other connector apps
  • Many code examples

The Ultimate Email Parsing Guide

We have a guide on the best tools and services to use to parse emails for structured and unstructed data. If you need to parse, split or scrape an email in any way, this guide has everything you need. It will show you the right tool to use for your specific job.