Email Parsing APIs

Capture content of email signatures to enrich CRM systems. Extract clean email bodies from email reply chains. Remove signatures from email messages. Use cloud endpoints or deploy to your private cloud so the data never leaves your control. Start with a no-commitment free trial.
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Parse Email Signatures or Messages with our APIs

SigParser has multiple options for developers looking to securely parse contents out of emails, email signatures, and calendars.

Parse Contact Details
Email Signatures

Parse contact details (including full name, phone numbers, title, addresses, more) from the signature, header, and message in an email or calendar meeting.

Parse Clean Messages
Email Reply Chains

Parse a clean message from an email or calendar meeting invite to remove all header, signature, footer and other extraneous content.
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How Our Email Parsing APIs Work

Our stateless APIs accept email files in MIME, JSON, or MSG format and then respond with parsed contact details or messages in JSON format. It's that easy.

Choose How to Use SigParser
(Hosted or On-Premise)

Developers can utilize our hosted APIs or install our application on their own servers to parse emails.

Pre-packaged on premise deployment options include AWS Lambda, Windows CLI, Linux CLI, Windows Web Server, Linux Web Server or an example Dockerfile.
Hosted or On Premise

Post Raw Email Content

Developers can post MIME, MSG, or JSON formatted email contents to the SigParser API endpoints.

If you aren't sure what type of email you have we can help you figure it out.
API Post Contents

Receive Parsed Content
(Contact Details or Clean Message)

SigParser APIs return JSON with the contact details or message contents that can be used in your applications.
API Response
Developers typically take 1 to 3 days to integrate SigParser.

Security Is Our #1 Priority

Our API applications are stateless and do not store any email contents. Additionally, our technology is SOC2 Type 2 compliant and adheres to the most stringent data security regulations. Click here to learn more.

How Developers Use Our Parsing APIs

SigParser Parsing APIs can be used for any application that needs cleaned and structured data from emails and meeting requests. Here are a few examples of the most popular uses for APIs by development teams.

Automatically Enrich Contacts

Display Clean Email Messages

Analyze Email Message Contents

Affordable & Scalable Pricing

Our Parsing APIs have no commitment free trials, affordable starting price points, usage based pricing, and volume discounts. Contact us to learn more.

Contact Email Signature Parsing

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Message and Reply Chain Parsing

Parse emails every month with our hosted API or on premise application

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