SigParser is built with highly secure, private, and compliant technology standards

Security Is Our #1 Priority

At SigParser, we have designed our technology platform to be highly secure so you can trust us with email, calendar, and contact data. Here are some highlights of things we do to keep our platform and all data highly secure:
Data Ownership & Privacy
We will never share or sell your customer data
SOC 2 Compliance
We are certified as SOC2 Type II compliant by independent auditor, Johanson Group LLP
GDPR Compliance
All of our technology, practices, and vendor technologies are GDPR compliant
Secure Infrastructure
All of our applications are run in a highly secure environment managed by Amazon Web Services
Regular Security Testing
We have completed penetration testing conducted by Leviathan Security Group
Encryption in Transit
All data transmited by SigParser is encrypted using industry standard TLS 1.2 encryption
Encryption at Rest
All data stored by SigParser is encrypted at rest using industry standard AES-256 encryption
SOC2 Monitoring
Customers can view our continuously updated SOC2 Assessment

Additional Security Details


We never sell your data

We will never sell the data we extract for you to other companies. You are the owner of your data. There are some other products out there similar to SigParser that do sell your data. You should watch out for those. Read their terms of service. Even some products that you pay for will take your data and sell it. Google's security audit process has done a good job of shutting off some of these services but not all of them.

SOC2 Compliance Monitoring

We have engaged Vanta to certify that we are SOC2 compliant and continually monitor our compliance. If you have questions about SOC2 compliance, you can learn more here.

Secure Infrastructure with AWS

We run our servers in Amazon run data centers called Amazon Web Services. These offer secure, reliable servers to host your most sensitive business data. Many of the companies you can think of run their services in Amazon Web Services.

Independent Security Verifications

We had Leviathan Security Group conduct a security audit most recently for us. They were one of two vendors Google required we use in order to access Gmail data. This involved a penetration test and policy and procedure review. We can provide an attestation letter of the results.

Encryption At Rest & In Transit

We use industry standard 256 bit SSL/TLS 1.2 support to encrypt all data traffic. We also encrypt your email credentials while at rest. All the data stored by SigParser is stored encrypted at rest. This includes databases and logs.

Log Data

We store log data only as long as required to diagnose issues. Log data is stored encrypted at rest. Our standard practice is to store application log entries for 60 days. This log data may contain identifying information required for diagnosing sync issues. Access to these logs is strictly controlled. These logs are cleaned automatically by AWS after 60 days. We have other log entries that we store for longer for security purposes but these won't contain personally identifiable information of your contacts.

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