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Relationship Data

Harness the data you already have in emails, calendars, and more to identify relationships and grow your business
Connect up to 50 employee mailboxes in a free trial to find relationship data for your business

Everyone You Know.
Everywhere You Need It.

SigParser securely scans emails, calendars, address books, spreadsheets, and more to automatically generate profiles on the people and companies who have interacted with your business.

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SigParser can securely scan one to thousands of employee mailboxes to generate relationship data. Get a demo to learn more.

What is
Relationship Data?

SigParser relationship data includes details, interaction metrics, relationship networks, and more for every person and company who has interacted with your business.

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Get a free trial of SigParser to see how many contact and company profiles can be automatically extracted from emails and calendars.

Connect One or
Thousands of Data Sources

SigParser can securely import from one to thousands of email mailboxes, calendars, address books, Excel lists, and more to automatically generate relationship data.

Plans & Pricing
For Teams of Any Size

Choose from multiple options of how to utilize SigParser to extract and activate your relationship data for your business.

Subscription Plans

Scan connected mailboxes, calendars, address books, and more every few hours to find new relationship data for your business.

One Time Scans

Conduct a one time scan of connected mailboxes and calendars to find up to 10 years worth of historical relationship data.

Developer API Plans

Connect to SigParser APIs to parse contents from emails and calendars including contacts, companies, messages, and more

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