Turn Your Emails into Contacts

Automatically capture every contact detail from your emails and email signatures. Sync with your CRM and marketing apps so your contacts are always up to date.
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Here's How It Works

We make it insanely easy for individuals or teams to automatically find, merge, and update contact and company details.

Connect All Your Mailboxes

Easily connect one mailbox or hundreds of mailboxes to automatically scan all of your emails and calendar invites. Your data is secure.

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Automatically Scan Your Emails

SigParser captures contacts from the To, From and CC fields along with contact details like phone, location, and title in email signatures.

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Sync to Your CRM and Contact Lists

SigParser integrates with CRM and Marketing applications to automatically update your contacts. Configure advanced sync rules. We also have APIs for developers.

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We Make It Easy

Watch our 60 second video to learn how easy it is to use SigParser

What Our Customers Say

Our customers come from a variety of industries and team sizes. SigParser can help one person or a team of hundreds.
"SigParser was totally effortless! They found hundreds of contacts from my emails, which I was able to actively reach out to with their simple user interface."

Scott Werlein, Creative Realities, Inc.
GM, Sports & Entertainment Practice, Director, Strategy & Design
"Sigparser tools have helped us effortlessly transform a vast collection of emails from across the world into an organized contact list. It's proved an invaluable tool for our team as we arrange AMAs with celebrities and their teams, allowing us to reach out and arrange new sessions with ease."

Craig H., Ask Me Anything
Team Lead
"SigParser simplifies my contact management, ensures I maintain the relationship data I need every day, and gives me transparency into my communication activity and network."

Logan Allin, Fin Venture Capital
Venture Capitalist

Simple Pricing Plans

We make it easy and affordable to turn your inbox into a Rolodex

Daily Scan & Sync Pricing

SigParser will automatically scan all email and calendar accounts multiple times a day to add and update contacts to your CRM and marketing applications.

History Scan Pricing

Scan up to ten years of historical emails and calendar events to create a high quality contact list to be integrated with CRM and marketing applications.

Developer API Pricing

SigParser has a rich set of APIs that developers can utilize to parse email contents including contacts, companies, messages, and more.

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