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Parse email signatures. Capture phone numbers, titles, addresses, social media profiles and more. Eliminate manual data entry. Keep all your systems updated.

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Save time and money by eliminating manual data entry


Connect an email account or use the email signature parsing API.


Parse emails for email signatures and contacts.


Synchronize contacts to your applications or export to Excel.

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Connect Email Easily

Connect your email with a couple clicks. We'll then automatically parse email signatures for new contacts. Go back years in time to find to find contact details.

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Send contacts to your apps

Some of our integrations automatically create and update contacts or leads. For other apps like like MailChimp and Constant Contact you choose which contacts to move.

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  • Sync contacts to SalesForce

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  • Export contacts to Excel.



  • Receive parsed emails via Webhooks


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What users say

Our users come from a variety of industries and use cases. Some technical, some non-technical and SigParser is a good fit for both.

  • Scott Werlein SigParer testimonial headshot

    SigParser was totally effortless! They found hundreds of contacts from my emails, which I was able to actively reach out to with their simple user interface.

    Scott Werlein, Creative Realities, Inc.
    GM, Sports & Entertainment Practice, Director, Strategy & Design

  • Craig H. from IAMA SigParer testimonial headshot

    Sigparser tools have helped us effortlessly transform a vast collection of emails from across the world into an organized contact list. It's proved an invaluable tool for our team as we arrange AMAs with celebrities and their teams, allowing us to reach out and arrange new sessions with ease.

    Craig H., Ask Me Anything
    Team Lead

  • Vilavanh Innovations City headshot

    SigParser helped our business tremendously by using their platform to extract our email contacts and launch our campaign on an extremely tight deadline. We've been able to bridge the major gaps between our sales and marketing teams thanks to this amazing tool!

    Vilavanh Sanginthirath, Innovations City, LLC.
    Founder & CEO

Need a custom integration?

Use these drag and drop integration tools to send parsed emails, email signatures and contacts to almost any CRM or system. If you need help we can provide consulting services to help you set these up.

Need to write code?

SigParser has a simple to use API for parsing emails and email signatures. Not only can you find contacts from signatures, you can also use it to split email chains which otherwise is extremely difficult. Checkout our developers page for more details.

Free 90 Day Historical Analysis

Signup and we'll immediately show you the last 90 days of your email history and contacts. In addition, we'll show you how much history we can find in the last 10 years.

Monthly Pricing

  • Personal

    $8/email account/month

    Contact database
    Initial 90 day email history pull
    Free all time history analysis
    Auto update contacts & Export
    CRM & Marketing Connectors
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  • Team

    $12/email account/month

    Team contact database
    Initial 90 day email history pull
    Free all time history analysis
    Auto update contacts & Export
    CRM & Marketing Connectors
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  • Enterprise

    Over  25 email accounts?

    Team contact database
    Initial 90 day email history pull
    Free all time history analysis
    Auto update contacts & Export
    CRM & Marketing Connectors
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Historical Email Extract

Go back more than the initial 90 days and process all your email to find contacts from email signatures. Export or sync them to your contact sources. Before you buy, you can see in SigParser how much history you should purchase on the email account screen.

Estimated Results [[(plan.emails) | round | formatNumber]] emails [[plan.emails/13.58 | round | formatNumber ]] new contacts [[(plan.emails/32.59) | round | formatNumber]] new phone numbers [[(plan.emails/56.24) | round | formatNumber]] new titles

Charged per email account. Typically takes 1.5 days to process every 100,000 emails. Estimates based on business email accounts which are generally in sales or some outward facing role. A personal email account will generally have less contacts found per email and less total emails.

Parse Email API Pricing

If you only need to use our email parsing API, you can see the API pricing plans here.