Grow Your Business With Relationship Data

Sales, marketing, and data teams benefit from using SigParser to automatically find and update contacts, accounts, and activities from emails and calendars.
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Teams That Use SigParser

SigParser has a number of benefits for small and large teams to turn emails, email signatures, and calendars into contacts, accounts, and more.

Sales Teams

SigParser helps sales teams and managers automatically update contacts, accounts, and activities in their CRM systems. The data found by SigParser helps sales teams save time and grow revenues.

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Marketing Teams

SigParser helps marketing teams automatically find contacts and build targeted marketing lists. With the recent GDPR and CCPA regulations, SigParser gives marketing teams a way to automatically source first-party data.

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Data Quality Teams

SigParser gives data, sales, and marketing operations teams an automated way to grow and augment lead, contact, and customer lists with up-to-date contact information. SigParser also integrates with third-party sources for email verification and more.

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