How Businesses Use Relationship Data

Relationship data profiles are used by marketing, sales, support, analytics teams, and more to grow and expand their business.
Connect up to 50 employee mailboxes in a free trial to find relationship data for your business

Add & Enrich CRM Records

SigParser helps busy professionals avoid data entry. Our powerful data ming and cleansing process creates high quality always up to date data that keeps your CRM in sync with reality. No more missing, innacurate or out of date information.
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Create Marketing Lists

SigParser tracks hundreds of relationship attributes in real time allowing you to quickly create target lists of relationships for marketing campaigns based on location, industry, title and more.
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Get Warm Introductions

SigParser keeps track of every relationship your Coworkers have and how well each Coworker knows a person or company so you can see who is the best person to make an introduction.
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Monitor Relationships

SigParser provides each employees relationship and network graph as a data set to use in understanding who they know and how often the work with a particular person or company.
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Transition Relationships

SigParser provides a complete and accurate record of all relationships across the company, if an employee leaves the new relationship owners can quickly identify the previous employees most important relationships.
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Power Custom Apps

SigParser has powerful APIs that allow you to access your Relationship Data in real time and enrich custom apps with powerful relationship insights.
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Get a Free Demo & Trial

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