SigParser for Teams

Sales, marketing, and support teams benefit from using SigParser to automatically create and update contacts while also providing activity insights for leadership and team members.
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Many Inboxes => Massive Rolodex

SigParser is designed for teams and many mailboxes. SigParser's most successful customers connect multiple mailboxes to a single SigParser account.
A 50 person team will generate between 30,000 and 70,000 contacts on average. Many of those won't be in the CRM or marketing apps. And even if they were in the apps, SigParser is able to source phone numbers, titles and locations that weren't in your apps.
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How Teams Use SigParser

SigParser has a number of benefits for large and small sales teams.

Contact Management

SigParser automatically scans all team members' email and calendar accounts to create a high quality and up-to-date set of contact records that can be shared for all sales, marketing, and support teams.

Account (Company) History

SigParser makes it easy to view all of the contacts, meetings, attachments, and more for the accounts (e.g., companies) that interact with your sales, marketing, or support teams.

Activity Reporting

SigParser automatically creates reports and dashboards that show email and calendar activity for your sales teams. Team leaders can easily see how team members are interacting with their contacts and accounts.

Employee Transitions

When team members change territories or leave your team, SigParser makes it easy to transition all account and contact history to different team members. Make sure your opportunities don't lose momentum when a team member leaves.

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