Get a Demo of SigParser

Pick a time to join a 15-30 minute web meeting to get a demo of SigParser and ask any questions you might have. After the meeting, we can set you up with a free trial of SigParser if you are interested.

How SigParser Works

It only takes a few minutes to start scanning emails and calendars for contact details stored in past emails and calendars.

Connect Your Mailboxes

Easily connect one mailbox or hundreds of mailboxes to automatically scan all of your emails and calendar meetings for contact details.

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Automatically Scan Your Emails

SigParser scans email headers, messages, signatures, reply chains, and more to find email addresses, names, phone numbers, titles, and more.

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Export or Sync Your Contacts

SigParser makes it easy to export contact details to .csv or Excel files. It also integrates with CRM, Contact, and Marketing apps to automatically update your contacts.

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How Many Contacts Get Found?

On average, a team of ten sales reps will find 15,600 new contacts in the past two years of their email and calendar accounts. Below are some examples of how many contacts our customers have found or updated with SigParser.
SigParser found 35,000 new contacts in the mailboxes and calendars of just three team members. These contacts were used by inbound sales and marketing teams to run reach new prospects and increase opportunities for the sales team. Read the case study.
Heat Transfer Specialists wanted increase the efficiency of their sales team by automatically updating their contacts in Salesforce. They connected 8 mailboxes to SigParser and found over 9,000 email addresses, 6,000 phone numbers and 1,900 job titles.
Centrl Office wanted to improve data quality in their CRM for their 6 salespeople. They connected email and calendar accounts of their sales team and, in just 90 days of past emails and calendars, found 3,550 new contacts and updated 1,000 existing contacts with account names, phone numbers, and titles.