Capture unstructured email signatures

We can find valuable data in all the business emails you and your team send. We can find contacts, phone numbers, titles, social media URLs and more. You just have to connect your email account to SigParser or use our APIs and we can start providing valuable information in minutes.

Scrape email signatures

Update contacts automatically

Keep your contacts up to date in all your systems. Every time we find a new phone number or title for a contact, we'll check all the systems you connected and fill in any missing data automatically. This is likely data you and your team never would have captured otherwise.

Automatically update contacts from email signatures

Capture entire email chains

SigParser can capture the content of entire email chains. For example, the CEO's phone number is buried in an email chain. SigParser can split the email into parts and correctly attribute each email body and signature to the sender to the correct sender. This means for more contacts are captured.

Also, if you are using our APIs, we give you the split email components. Splitting emails is tough because email clients generate different headers so a tool like SigParser is one of the only ways to split email bodies intelligently.

Parse email chains

Export to CSV/Excel

Once you've built a large database of contacts, easily export those contacts to other systems like SalesForce, MailChimp, Constant Contact or export them to Excel compatible files. You can export everything or build a smart filter and export only the contacts required.

Export contacts to Excel or CSV files

Go back in time

Instead of just looking for new emails, you can use SigParser to go back years into the past. So even if you are just starting to use SigParser now, you can capture multiple years worth of interactions and contacts. We've had users capture 10 years worth of contacts from a single email account with over 400,000 emails.

Historic email extracts flashback

Easy Integrations

SigParser is already preconfigured for your favorite email tools and CRMs. Are we missing one? Just contact us and let us know what you need

Easy setup

You can signup for a SigParser account in 30 seconds and not type on your keyboard once. On the registration page just use the Google or Office 365 links for a super streamlined process.

Need an API?

If you are technical or need more of the raw email data, try our API.