Pricing Options

SigParser is free to get started and has affordable pricing options to automatically scan, find, and update contact and account details for individuals or teams.
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Daily Scan Pricing

Automatically scans all new emails and calender meetings multiple times a day to find contact, company, and coworker relationship data. With our premium packages, automatially update CRM and other apps.
per month / billed annually
For individuals and small teams who need contact and company details and data
  • Includes 1 mailbox
  • $19/month per extra mailbox
  • Daily Mailbox Scanning
  • Automatic Contact Capture
  • Detailed Interaction History
  • Export to Spreadsheets
per month / billed annually
For small teams who want to find and share contact and company relationship data
  • Includes 3 mailboxes
  • $15/month per extra mailbox
  • Everything in Individual
  • Top Coworker Relationships
  • Custom Tags & Lists
  • Advanced Search & Filters
per month / billed annually
For teams who need high quality relationship data for marketing, business development, or sales.
  • Includes 10 mailboxes
  • $20/month per extra mailbox
  • Everything in Team
  • Sync with CRM Apps
  • Sync with Contact Apps
  • Advanced Coworker Analytics
per month / billed annually
For companies who need custom solutions. Final price depends on requirements.
  • Includes 10 mailboxes
  • Additional pricing varies
  • Everything in Professional
  • Access API Endpoints
  • On-Premise Parsing Engine
  • Email Address Verification
Annual and monthly billing plans available

History Scan Pricing

Go back up to 10 years to process all emails and calendars to find contacts, companies, and more. Export or sync them to your CRM and marketing applications.
1 Year
one time charge
2 Years
one time charge
5 Years
one time charge
10 Years
one time charge