Parse Email Bodies

For developers who want to remove all header, signature, and reply chain content from a single email in order to have a clean email message body for data analysis, display within an application, or any other use.

How Our API Works

We make it easy to programmatically extract emamil message bodies out of raw email content

STEP 1: Install SigParser Application

AWS Lambda is a great service to deploy SigParser’s email parsing tools to. Each email its own dedicated RAM and CPU, Lambdas are kept warm for around 5 minutes which means the startup time is decreased per email and they scale really well.

STEP 2: Post Raw Email Content

We’ve made parsing emails simple for developers across multiple platforms. We have examples for C#, command line, and Python although you can really call our API endpoint from any programming language.

STEP 3: Receive Clean Email Messages

The SigParser application will strip out all content from the raw email you post and return a clean email body that can be used for any need in your applications.

Why Email Parsing is Hard

We make it easy to programmatically extract emamil messages out of raw email content. We spent years building email parsers. There are a lot of issues that need to be solved when writing your own email parser:
  • Signature identification
  • Various formats for headers
  • Reply chains indicated by > or multiple >>>
  • Some lines look like signatures but aren’t
  • Corrupted email headers
  • Common for plain text emails to split reply headers
  • Multi-language support if required
  • Various formats for headers
  • Header formats change over time
Due to this, we suggest not coding your own signature parsing algorithm. It is non-trivial. There are also a number of open source half baked efforts out there as well. We’ve tried them all. Most of our users have tried those first before using SigParser.

Multiple Options for Developers

SigParser has multiple solutions for developers looking to parse contents out of emails. Click on each option to learn more.

Usage Pricing

Parse a limited number of emails every month with an on-premise application or web API
per month

Up to 25,000 emails parsed per month
$0.003 per additional email

Unlimited Pricing

Parse an unlimited number of emails every month with an on-premise application
per month

Unlimited email parsing on up to 3 machines

Ready to Get Started?

Email us at to get the executable or code package to start developing with