Parse Email Message Bodies

SigParser's API can split emails into pieces. Get a cleaned message body with or without the email signature. Get the second email in a reply chain. Get an email with all the replies stripped off.
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How Our Message Parsing API Works

We've developed algorithms which can break email messages into pieces using samples from hundreds of different email clients and thousands of signature examples in multiple languages. We are constantly improving our algoirthms as customers submit new edge cases.

Choose How to Use SigParser
(Hosted or On-Premise)

Developers can utilize our hosted APIs or install our application on their own servers to parse emails.
Hosted or On Premise

Post Raw Email or Calendar Content

Developers can post MIME, MSG, or JSON formatted email or calendar contents to the SigParser API endpoints.

For our cloud API endpoint you'd call

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API Post Contents

Receive Parsed Content
(Message Details)

SigParser will return a JSON payload with with parsed email message. It will include the cleaned email in differnt forms (cleaned, HTML, Plain Text) and a collection of emails for the reply chain.
API Response

Message Parsing API Response

Send the raw content of a single email or calendar meeting invite to our API endpoint and get a JSON response with contact details organized and ready to integrate into your database or application. It's that easy.
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    "Errors": [
    "CleanedBodyPlain": "Top email in the reply chain without the signature or reply chain.",
    "CleanedBodyHtml": "Top email in the reply chain without the signature or reply chain.",
    "IsSpammyLookingEmailMessage": true,
    "IsSpammyLookingSender": true,
    "EmailTypes": [
    "Emails": [
        "CleanedBodyPlain": "Email without the signature",
        "CleanedBodyHtml": "Email without the signature",
        "BodyPlain": "Plain text version of the email including the signature.",
        "BodyHtml": "HTML body of the email including the signature.",
        "Subject": "string",
        "Date": "2021-12-27T18:54:38.273Z",
        "FromEmailAddress": "string",
        "FromName": "string",
        "To": [
            "Name": "string",
            "EmailAddress": "string"
        "Cc": [
            "Name": "string",
            "EmailAddress": "string"
    "Subject": "string",
    "Date": "2021-12-27T18:54:38.273Z",
    "Headers": {
        "additionalProp1": "string",
        "additionalProp2": "string",
        "additionalProp3": "string"
    "FullPlainTextBody": "string",
    "FullHtmlBody": "string",
    "MsgType": "string"

Free Trial & Usage Based Pricing

We offer a free, no-commitment trial to test out our Parsing APIs with 500 free API requests. After the free trial, our pricing is usage based with discounts for higher volumes.
First 10,000 API requests / mo $1,000 flat fee
Next 90k API requests / mo $.01 per request
Next 900k API requests / mo $.001 per request
Next 10M API requests / mo $.0001 per request
  • First 10K api requests/mo = $1,000 (flat fee)
  • Next 90K api requests/mo = $0.01/request
  • Next 900k api requests/mo = $0.001/request
  • Over 1M+ api requests/mo = $0.0001/request
We'll help with the math here...
100k API requests / mo costs $1,900
1M API requests / mo costs $2,800
10M API requests / mo costs $3,700

FAQ: What languages are supported?

English is the strongest and most common language. But SigParser also has support for Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. Some languages have better support than others though and largely depend on customer submitting examples and edge cases to us.

FAQ: Where can I submit parsing errors?

There are two ways to submit parsing errors. First option is to forward the email or even a screenshot of the email to The second option is to POST the email to the endpoint

FAQ: Can you handle this email format?

We find developers often don't know what format email they have. Schedule a technical call with one of our developers and we'll help you identify the format and which API to use.

FAQ: Why isn't the email parsing right?

There are a few common reasons we see. Incorrect format, incorrect decoding, incorrect mapping of parameters. Schedule a technical call with one of our developers and we'll help you correct the issue.

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