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How Sales Teams Use SigParser

SigParser has a number of benefits for large and small sales teams.

Auto Update Contacts

SigParser automatically scans all connected mailboxes and calendars to create a deduplicated and up-to-date set of contact records.

Sales teams can automatically sync contacts with CRM systems and other applications to save time and sell more.
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Build Sales Lists

All contact and account records found by SigParser are automatically associated with metadata so they can be easily searched, organized, and grouped into lists.

Sales teams use contact fields such as location, phone number, title, and more to quickly and easily build lists used for identifying opportunities and selling more.
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Track Activities

Every email and calendar meeting found by SigParser is recorded as an activity. This activity data is grouped by contact, account, or employee to provide detailed insights into your interactions with a given contact or account.

Sales teams use activity counts get insights into their top contacts, accounts, sales reps, and more.
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Coach Sales Reps

The email and calendar activity tracking in SigParser provides a powerful coaching tool for sales representatives. Sales managers can easily view the total number of emails, meetings, and other activities per sales representative on their team.

Sales managers can use this activity reporting to provide coaching on sales activities, opportunities, and more.
Coach Sales Reps

Transition Territories

When team members change territories or leave your team, SigParser makes it easy to transition all account and contact history to different team members.

Sales team use SigParser to ensure their opportunities and accounts don't lose momentum when a team member leaves.
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