Automatically create Less Annoying CRM Contacts from Your Inbox

Your team isn't adding enough contact details to Less Annoying CRM. Learn how SigParser can help ensure you get 100% data capture for the important Contacts.
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We've partnered with Less Annoying CRM to bring a special offer to all LACRM users. No credit card required to try SigParser.

Watch How To Get Started

This video will show you how easy it is to get started with SigParser and Less Annoying CRM.

Powerful Contact Sync Options for Less Annoying CRM

Sync contacts based on many different rules.
  • Manually push Contacts
  • OR
  • Automatically push contacts
  • Automatic Contact
  • Automatic Updating of Contacts
  • Limit created contacts to only those with phone numbers
You can read all about our Less Annoying CRM connector and how it works in our documentation portal.

Watch How To Configure Contact Sync

We have an advanced set of sync options you can use to push contacts to Less Annoying CRM.