Import Windows Contacts to Google Contacts

Add the .contacts to Google Contacts with these easy steps.

Windows Contacts is a standard contact manager with Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10. It replaced the Windows Address Book and Windows Live Mail and Windows Mail applications.

Each Windows Contact looks like a .contact file and there isn’t an easy way to add these directly add these to Google Contacts.

<img src="../images/windows-contacts-folder.png" alt=““Windows Contacts Folder Example align=“center” />

Step 1: Export

  1. Go to the Contacts folder. Easiest way is to search for Contacts on your computer and pick the Contacts folder. Or go to C:\Users\MYSELF\Contacts.
  2. Click the Export button at the top
  3. Choose CSV file option, pick a location to save the file.
Exporting Windows Contacts to CSV Example

Step 2: Import the file into Google Contacts

In Google Contacts on the left menu click Import and then choose the file.

Importing Contacts Example

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