How to Import Contacts & More Into Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is a powerful CRM that helps businesses manage everything from financial planning and reporting to logistics and human resources. SigParser helps Dynamics 365 users by automatically importing and updating contact details (names, phone numbers, addresses, etc.) in Dynamics 365 and many other applications.
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How to Manually Import Contacts & Contact Details Into Dynamics 365

Follow these steps to manually import contacts into Dynamics CRM.
1: Log in to Dynamics 365
2: Go to Settings > Data Management > Imports
3: On the command bar select Import Data > Import Data
4: Select the file, select Open, and click Next
5: Verify that the field and data delimiters in your file are correct and then click Next
6: Select Default (Automatic Mapping) for the System Data Map and then click Next
7: In the Dynamics 365 Record Types drop-down list, select Contacts and then click Next
8: Map the columns from your contacts file to the corresponding field. Select OK and then click Next
9: Review the summary and then click Next
9: Select Submit
9: To verify that the wizard was successful, select Imports and review the report. Otherwise, click Finish

Want to Automatically Import Contacts & Contact Details into Dynamics 365?

SigParser saves time and improves data quality by automatically scanning employee mailboxes and then exporting contact details to Dynamics 365 and many other applications. SigParser ensures Dynamics 365 is using accurate data by finding and exporting new contact details every day.
Email Mailboxes,
Calendars & More

Scan Outlook or Gmail
Contacts, Companies,
Activities & More

Organize Email Addresses & Contacts
to CRM, Marketing,
CRM & Spreadsheet Apps

Export to CRM, Excel, or Marketing Apps

SigParser Automatically Finds New Contacts & Updated Contact Details

Like all CRMs, Dynamics 365 requires accurate contact and account data to be effective. SigParser keeps Dynamics 365 and other applications up-to-date by scanning employee mailboxes for contact details that often go missing (phone numbers, email addresses, names, business addresses, etc…).

Email Addresses
First & Last Names
Business Names
Phone Numbers
Business Addresses
Social Profiles

SigParser Makes It Easy

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We're offering a FREE demonstration and trial of SigParser so you can find contact details in employee mailboxes and export them to your CRM. Most people find thousands of contacts in their free trial.

How SigParser Works

SigParser can be set up in minutes to automatically scan, extract, and sync contact and account details with CRMs and other applications.

Connect SigParser to
Mailboxes & Calendars

SigParser connects to Gmail, Outlook, Office365, and other types of email accounts to find and extract contact details. Connecting SigParser to employee mailboxes is simple and an IT administrator can connect up to hundreds of mailboxes in a few minutes.

connect to outlook or gmail

SigParser Automatically Scans
Emails & Calendar Meetings

Every day, SigParser scans all contents of recent emails and calendar meetings including email headers, signatures, reply chains, forwarded threads, and more. Sigparser scans all connected mailboxes and calendars multiple times a day and up to 10 years of past emails and calendars.

scan outlook or gmail for email addresses

SigParser Extracts Contact Details

SigParser's email and calendar scanning algorithms identify and extract contact details such as email addresses, names, phone numbers, business names, addresses, social profiles, and much more.
Email Addresses
First & Last Names
Business Names
Phone Numbers
Business Addresses
Social Profiles

SigParser Merges All Contact Details

Sigparser automatically merges contact details found in all connected mailboxes to create a single, deduplicated record for each contact. SigParser makes it easy to filter out private or personal contacts when needed.

merge contacts with same email address

SigParser Automatically Syncs Contacts with CRMs and More

Individuals, teams, and entire companies can easily create rules to automatically filter and then sync contact details with CRMs, Marketing, and Contact Management applications.

export contacts to CRMs

Find & Sync Contact Details for FREE

We're offering a FREE demonstration and trial of SigParser so you can find contact details in your past emails and calendars and sync them with CRM and other applications. Most people find hundreds of contacts in their free trial.

FAQ: Couldn't I do this myself?

We get this question a lot from people. You can export contacts from Google or Outlook contacts apps into a .csv file but you can only export the contacts (and contact details) that you have manually created yourself. If you have not been very diligent about creating contacts and updating your contacts, a tool like SigParser will save you countless hours of work creating, managing, and exporting contacts.

FAQ: Can I connect multiple email accounts?

Yes, SigParser can connect to and scan up to hundreds of email accounts. Contacts will be deduplicated on email address across all the email accounts. The more email accounts connected the better the results SigParser will produce.

FAQ: What languages does SigParser support?

SigParser has the best support for English. The next best language is German. Then it has good support Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian and Dutch.

FAQ: Can email addresses be found in forwards?

Yes, SigParser is the only product we know of that can extract email addresses and contacts from a forwarded email or a reply chain of emails.

FAQ: How many contacts can SigParser find?

On average, SigParser finds about 780 contacts for every year of emails scanned per mailbox. We have also found that over 80% of the contacts found by SigParser are not loaded into our customer's CRM applications!

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