Access Google Contacts on iPhone

How do I get my Google Contacts on my iPhone?

Google Contacts and Gmail have great integration. But getting those contacts on your iPhone can be a bit hard to figure out at first. In this guide we’ll go thru how to access your Google Contacts on your iPhone iOS device.

Step 1: Connect your Gmail Account to iOS

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Passwords and Accounts
  3. Click Add Account and pick the Google/Gmail provider.
  4. Activate the Contacts option which will pull down all the contact records from Google to your local device.
Account Setup on iPhone

Step 2: Verify you see contacts

Go to the Phone app and the Contact section and you should see contacts start to appear in there from Google Contacts.

Step 3: Get Better Contacts in Google Contacts and your iPhone

SigParser is able to vastly improve the contacts in Google Contacts and as a result your iPhone.

You’re likely receiving a lot of new contact data in your Gmail Inbox. But we know you’re likelynot manually adding those contacts to Google Contacts. SigParser can help with that. SigParser automatically captures every email signature and can update and create new Google Contacts for you.

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