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Learn the difference between SnapADDY and SigParser

SnapADDY vs SigParser

Although SigParser and SnapADDY have some feature overlap, they are very different tools with a very different user experience.

We’ll go feature by feature and compare the various aspects of SigParser and SnapADDY.


SnapADDY is a great productivity tool with multiple different capabilities. It offers solutions that help harvest data from the web, email, trade shows and even business cards. Their technology is great when users have contact details they want to quickly add to a list or their CRM. The system allows a user to highlight any contact details found on the web, in an email or any document which then parses the contact details found such as title, phone, address, and allows the user to add the contact to their SnapADDY list, CRM or another list. They also have a really cool business card scanner. Simply open their app, take a photo of the business card and it automatically parses the contact details and allows the user to review and add the contact to their address book or CRM.


SigParser focuses on a completely automated approach to finding and keeping contacts up to date. They have sophisticated technology that automatically connects to your email, identifies new contact details, and then based on rules you set, auto updates your CRM system with no human intervention. It also works really well in team settings allowing a company or a team to add multiple inboxes to the solution where it will then create a single database of contacts across the team unifying contact details scattered across different team members mailboxes (i.e, Joe has the CEO’s office but Jill has his mobile). They don’t create duplicates so the system won’t muddy your CRM system and has advanced features that allow it to keep track of what already exists in your CRM system and what does not (it can even give you a CRM report on what contacts are not yet added to your CRM).

SigParser versus SnapADDY

SigParser SnapADDY
Automatically Mine Emails
Automatically mine emails for email signatures (no human review required)
Parse Email Signatures
Correctly identify name, phone, title, once a email signature is identified
Business Card Scanning
Autmatically scan business cards.
Auto Update CRM
Daily monitoriing for new contacts
Historical Extracts of emails
Go years into the past
Multiple Email Acounts
Automatically mine multiple email accounts
CRM Audit
Discover which contacts are missing in your CRM
Allow multiple colleagues to create a single shared database
Reply Chains
Deep reply chain extraction
Mobile App
Coming soon
Web App
Free Preview
Yes, 90 days of mined data so user can see results. Yes, 14 day free trial
$12/Mailbox/Month $8 to $20/user/month
Various packages by company size.

Advanced Features

SigParser SnapADDY
Auto Update Contacts
Google Contacts, Office 365, Exchange, CRMs
Export to Excel
Supported CRM Systems
Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, MailChimp, Constant Contact Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics,, Zoho, Sage, Sugar, SAP, a few others
Inferred Locations
Use the contact's phone number country code or domain extension (ie. .cz) for a location when an address isn't available
Advanced Contact Search
Filter by multile attributes like location, title, last contact in a single query to generate a targeted list

How SigParser and SnapADDY are Similar

Parse Email Signatures

Both tools can extract contact details from email signatures. They are a little different in how they actually perform that task. SnapADDY leverages the user to identify the email signature (the user has to highlight the actual email signature) and then they leverage a really good algorithm to parse the contents and make sense of it while SigParser focuses on a purely automated approach relying on a rock solid algorithm to both automatically find and parse an email signature as well as update any CRM you have with no human review needed. SigParser has an insanely accurate algorithm which makes customers have a really high level of trust to put the system on autopilot.

CRM Integration

Both SnapADDY and SigParser have various connectors to different CRM systems and can update CRM systems with any contact details found. Both SnapADDY and SigParser have out of the box connectors for many of the major CRM systems but SnapADDY has a few more connectors out of the box. Similar to finding email signatures, both companies have different approaches to updating contacts in a CRM. SnapADDY favors some human review prior to updating a CRM while SigParser has refined the technology to the point where there is no need for human intervention.

How SigParser and SnapADDY are Different

Human Review Vs. Fully Automated

One of the biggest differences between SnapADDY and SigParser is that SnapADDY requires the user to both identify the email signature (user has to highlight it) as well as review the data and perform a few additional steps to get the contact into proper place in the CRM system. SigParser is fully automated. The user doesn’t even have to log into their email for SigParser to work properly, it just continuously mines contact details behind the scenes and updates the CRM system. SigParser has invested heavily in its algorithm to ensure it can run with no human intervention. It’s like a big Dragnet that is constantly catching contacts as they hit your inbox.

Completeness of Data Mining

SnapADDY’s email signature parsing technology only captures the contact details a user highlights and does not capture all the rest of the contacts that may have been included in the email chain such as people who were cc’d or if the email was forwarded (there are often other contacts that were on the original forwarded email). That said, it’s going to harvest less data due to its reliance on the user.

SigParser’s goal is to extract every email address, phone number, title and more in your mailbox, whether it has an email signature or not. SigParser mines the to, from, cc lines of an email and it can also dive deep into the reply chains of forwarded emails and extract every email address even if it isn’t on the root email. This is very helpful when you are looking for a contact you know was in your inbox but was not a contact you were directly communicating with. It can even get contact details from the email message like when someone says “my cell is xxx-xxx-xxxx).

Historical Email Mining

SigParser allows users to mine email history for as far back as the user would like. Some people have gone beyond 10 years of data in order to re-capture all the contacts stuck in their inbox. SnapADDY does not offer historical email mining, at least, not in an automated format. A user could of course use SnapADDY to dig into their historical emails and identify contacts but it would still require the human to be the co-pilot highlighting important contacts. With SigParser you can simply purchase their historical offering and your done. SigParser will take care of the rest and within a few hours of starting the historical extract you will have a completely pristine list of contacts found in your inbox.

Team Capabilities

SigParser was built from the ground for teams but works equally well for individual users. Contact sharing and permissions were designed in early on so users don’t expose too much of their email to their coworkers. You can connect a single email account or all the inboxes across an entire company. As you add more inboxes the data actually gets better because perhaps one employee has the office number for a contact and another has their mobile phone and title. SigParser will create one contact record for that individual and update it with the data found in the two different email accounts to provide the most complete record possible.
SnapADDY focuses on getting contacts into a CRM that you scrape from email, the web or a document but they don’t leverage the power of multiple mailboxes sourcing data to automatically create a single unified database.

Automated Updates to CRM (No user review)

SnapADDY email signature parsing capabilities require a user to validate a contact or an update to a contact. They also require a user to engage and peerform a few tasks when adding a contact to a CRM.

SigParser’s technology is so advanced that it does not require a user to validate data prior to updating your various applications. You can configure it so that manual updates are required, but the algorithm responsible for finding contact details is so accurate that most SigParser users allow it to push automated updates.

Web Scraping

SnapADDY can scrape contact details from an email or a web page. Their browser plugins allow a user to grab contact data from wherever they find it. This is really handy if you see an important contact detail on the web and you want to create a prospecting list or some type of future follow up.

SigParser does not scrape any data from web pages. It only focuses on extracting contacts from emails and email signatures.

Social Media Contact Enrichment

Once you have identified a contact and added them to the SnapADDY database, you can press a button and SnapADDY is able to search the web for the contacts social media presence. This means that someone’s Linkedin profile can be appended to the contact record. This is really helpful in providing a complete picture of a particular contact. SnapADDY can also help identify email naming conventions for a contact if you have found a contact name but no email address. They have the ability to tell you the naming convention the company uses so you can actually confidently send that individual an email.

SigParser will be adding this feature in future road maps but does not currently offer this functionality.

Business Card Scanning

SnapADDY has a business card scanner which is really handy if you are givng business cards at trade shows or when you meet key contacts face to face. Simply open the mobile app, take a photo and SnapADDY will do the rest.

SigParser currently does not have a business card scanner but can enable integrations to other business card scanners that a customer wants to use.

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