SigParser for Data Teams

SigParser helps data and operations teams save time and increase the quality of data for sales, marketing, and more
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How Data Teams Use SigParser

SigParser has a number of benefits for large and small sales teams.

Find New Contacts

Your CRM is not your only source of first party data. Employee emails and calendars contain some of the most accurate information about your customers. SigParser automatically extracts unstructured but important information in emails and calendars and transforms it into a highly structured and easy to integrate data source. This helps you avoid buying marketing lists by utilizing your own first party data to find and create new contact records for marketing and sales initiatives.
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Update Existing Contacts

SigParser allows you to keep your prospect and customer records up to date in real time. SigParser uses the contents of employee emails and calendars in combination with an email verification service to ensure that your prospect and contact records are up-to-date.

SigParser can also easily integrate with third party services for data augmentation to gather even more details for your marketing and sales initiatives. SigParsers has advanced algorithms and application connectors to automatically update systems with no human intervention or manual data entry.
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Build Multi Variable Lists

SigParser lets you turn automatically turn contacts found in your employee’s emails and calendars into a searchable database. This means you can query for contacts by multiple variables to quickly and efficiently build lists for marketing, sales, and data initiatives. Metadata such as geographic location, account, title, date of last interaction, and more can be combined to create lists of contacts for your organization.
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Data APIs and Integrations

SigParser has powerful API access so that any data can be accessed in real time to integrate with other systems. Contact phone number, title, location, date of last contact, primary relationship owner, email counts, meeting counts, and more can all be queried in real time. This allows data teams to synchronize data across application systems so they can have the most up to date and relevant customer data available.
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