Fullcontact vs SigParser

Fullcontact and SigParser are very different products but have some similarties. Here we’re mainly talking about their contact management toolset. You can use them together and we’ll show how they differ in this post.

You can use both

There is no reason to only use one of these tools. You can use both. If you’re already a FullContact user, you should try SigParser and see if you get a lot more contacts than you already had.

How SigParser and FullContact are Similar

Contact Database

Both build a contact database for the user.

Fullcontact is focused on contact records (Google Contacs, SalesForce…) where as SigParser is focused on finding contacts in email signatures.

Contact Sync

SigParser can sync contact updates out to other services but doesn’t overwrite any data.

Fullcontact has a much more advanced sync technology and is able to sync contacts between lots of systems.

How SigParser and FullContact are Different

If you want a full fledged contact warehouse for your team to share, with contact sync between multiple systems, use FullContact.

If you need to extract every contact you or your team has ever interacted with from your email system, use SigParser.

You can also export the results from SigParser and import them into FullContact or any other CRM system you might be using.

Feature Comparison

This feature comparison is mainly focused on capturing contacts from emails and what can be done with them.

SigParser Fullcontact
Shared Team Contact Database
Import contacts from other systems
From emails and CSV files 100+ CRM and contact systems
CRM System Updates
Automatically push contact updates to CRM systems
Google Contacts, Office 365,
Exchange, SalesForce, Pipedrive,
HubSpot, Less Annoying CRM
100+ CRM and contact systems
Scrape Emails For Contacts

Any email provider

Gmail only
Daily monitoring for new contacts
Each day find new contacts and email signatures
Historical extract of emails
Go back in time to discover emails

10 year max, no email limit

180 day limit
Multiple Email Accounts
Connect multiple email accounts into a single contact database.


Unlimited but Gmail only
Deep Reply Chain Extraction
Extract signatures from emails buried in reply chain bodies

Looks like they don’t do this.
Capture every email address
Get every email address even if a signature wasn’t present

Only email addresses you email or replied to.
Team Email Statistics
In depth team analytics by account (last contact, contacts…)

They have analytics but this isn’t their focus
Mobile Apps
View your contacts on your mobile device
Business Card Scanning
Scan your business cards into your database
$8 /month/email account $499 /month/50,000 matches
Free Preview
Free 90 day history, all time estimate 100 matches per month

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