Connect 1000+ Mailboxes

The more mailboxes the more contacts SigParser can discover. SigParser is designed to create one massive, always up to date warehouse of contacts.
Free 90 day historical scan on all connected mailboxes.
No card or commitment required

Simple Setup

SigParser is designed to connect to many mailboxes at once. The more mailboxes the better. SigParser creates one deduplicated contact rolodex containing thousands or millions of contacts for the business.
Read our detailed connection steps for Google or Office 365.

Watch How to Connect Lots of Mailboxes

This video will detail the process of connecting lots of mailboxes to SigParser.
Read our detailed connection steps for Google or Office 365.

Connect In Minutes

When you connect SigParser to a mailbox you don't need the employee who is assigned to the mailbox to do anything. An IT admin can connect SigParser to all the mailboxes at once. You can choose when or if to notify the employees.
This means, for example, if you're in marketing you don't need to get every person in sales to signup for SigParser.


SigParser is focused on security. Your data is yours. Your data is stored in an isolated database from other customers. SigParser is independently audited and is an approved Google product for email access.