Categorize Contacts By Email Folders Automatically

Apply a label in Gmail or put an email into a folder. All the contacts on that email get automatically tagged in SigParser. When you have 100K+ contacts in SigParser this is critical way micro-target your customers with the right messages.
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Here's How It Works

When you connect your email we'll automatically tag each contact based on the folders they appeared in. No effort required on your part. For Gmail we can use the custom labels.

View Contacts With Folders

Easily see and search contacts by email folder. The more mailboxes you connect to SigParser the more contacts will get labeled by folder.

You can then search for contacts who appeared in a folder like "Prospects" for example. .
Email Folders on Contacts

Advanced Search

Multiple search options like "Has" folder, "Does Not Have" folders or "Do Not Have Any" folders.

For example, build a search pattern to find only contacts in Pam's Prospects folder and no other folders in other mailboxes.
Scan Options

View Your Email Folders

With hundreds of email folders you might need to search for a specific folder. You can do that and see how many contacts are in each folder. Export this list as needed.

export Options

Watch Our Email Folder Tagging Video

Watch how to use email folder tagging in the application.