API Pricing

Pricing based on the number of API requests made to the parse email API per month. Our API is stateless which means we don't store any of your email content and don't have access to your email credentials. You can cancel, upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time thru our web user interface without calling support.

Requests Per Month

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${{(plan.monthly_price / plan.requests_per_month) | roundSmallPrice}} per email Estimated Results {{(plan.requests_per_month/13.58) | round}} new contacts {{(plan.requests_per_month/32.59) | round}} new phone numbers {{(plan.requests_per_month/56.24) | round}} new titles

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How much do you need?

After you signup you can use our API usage calculator to estimate your total usage. But the average business email account will receive and send approximately 2704 emails per month. To safely plan we advise planning for 4000 emails per email account.

Need to do a big historical pull? If you need to process a bunch of history at first, you can pick a large subscription, process years of history and then downgrade your subscription for the second month for what you need on an ongoing basis.